Lodestar Research Corporation
2400 Central Avenue P-5
Boulder, CO 80301
Telephone: 303-449-9691
Fax: 303-449-9692


Dr. James R. Myra
email: jrmyra *

Dr. David A. Russell
Senior Scientist
email: dave *

Dr. Derek A. Baver
Staff Scientist

Ms. Donna C. Rohde
Financial Administrator
email: donna *

* Lodestar email addresses are of the form name@lodestar.com where name is as shown above

Directions to Lodestar

From Route 36 (28th Street) and Arapahoe Ave, follow the Google Map to 2400 Central Ave. The building is located on the East side of Central about 2 - 3 buildings from the intersection of Central and Flatirons. Take the door on the left at the front of the building, and follow the steps upstairs.